Hi there! We're really glad you're here.

You've stumbled upon our little revolution against the empire of fast fashion, and for that, we're tossing you a virtual high-five. Here's the deal in a nutshell: we're here to mess with the status quo of making disposable garb.

Quick shoutout to our friend Court who helped us put this on paper, and Nick who helped us with all this copy.

Men's Basic Tee T-Shirt Better Clothing Company


As our name indicates, we make Better clothing. Have you ever put on a t-shirt and looked in the mirror and been like, “Hey, alright.” Yeah, we make a bunch of those (and other great basics). 

We love the simplicity in that. Life is full of unnecessary distractions. It can all feel a bit overwhelming. But if we can be a bright spot in your morning, we're all for it.


You know how toys used to all be made out of wood and kitchen appliances lasted forever? We’ve lost that sense of pride we put into material goods over the years. 

The truth is: it costs a bit more to make things the right way. And if you want to break free from the mass-produced crap that’s been peddled recently, you usually have to spend a lot.

But we’re just going to eat that cost. “Yeah right,” right? No but like for real. Here’s why…


Any and all forms of it. We aren't focused on hypergrowth. We will never use AI or other creepy marketing tactics. We literally just want to make better clothing and live a modest life and be normal freaking people who are honest and not crazy. It's not. That. Hard.

We believe you should only take what you are willing to give. That means keeping our methods sustainable, our relationships intact, and removing all excess.

  • Ho, founder of Better asian man with glasses waving to the camera

    Ho | Founder

    Meet Ho. Ho was just a normal guy looking for a plain white tee that didn't show his nipples. Unable to do so, he made his own. He's not trying to start some weird, ego-driven business that changes the world. He is just a nice guy who worked in marketing and is now trying to make your day a little better.

  • Lauren | Creative Director

    Lauren is the creative mind behind Better. But more importantly, she is a person who vast majority of humans like. Like Ho, Lauren doesn't know why certain things have to be so difficult because, like, we're all in this together you know? Anyways, she's great.

  • Dooboo aka Tofu | Intern

    Dooboo is our intern. She has great work ethic, but the lack of thumbs makes it difficult for her to do any meaningful work around here. But we digress. Dooboo works hard to keep our spaces safe, raise morale, and is working hard to get her CPA (Certified Pawesome Assistant).