Threads of Change | Psychic Stitch x Better Clothing Co.

Explore how boutique businesses are revolutionizing the fashion industry by infusing traditional chain stitching with a profound commitment to sustainability. Discover their stories in our latest video feature.
Threads of Change | Psychic Stitch x Better Clothing Co.
Threads of Change | Psychic Stitch x Better Clothing Co.

Welcome to a journey into the heart of sustainable fashion, where tradition meets transformation.

In our first ever video, we spotlight small businesses (Psychic Stitch to be exact) that are breathing new life into the age-old craft of chain stitching. We share the reasons we decided to work together, and highlight these artists committed to preserving the much under-appreciated art of chain stitch embroidery. 

Backgrounds in Fashion
0:00 - 0:13
"We both come from fashion design and corporate backgrounds, but realized that path wasn't for us because we are artists, and at the same time, we were learning a craft new to us."

The Shift to Artistry
0:13 - 0:45
"Embroidery became our intrinsic connection between fashion and art. Both of us, one from Los Angeles and the other from New York, found our true calling in L.A., where East meets West."

Cosmic Connection and Moving Away from Corporate
0:45 - 1:12
"Our move to L.A. was almost cosmic. Tired of corporate burnout, we were ready to move at a pace that felt right, embracing our passions fully as we expanded our craft."

The Love for the Craft
1:12 - 2:05
"As artists, finding a craft you love means you can see yourself doing it daily. The machines were the catalyst, allowing us to paint with thread, transforming textiles into intricate art."

Personal Touch and Sustainability
2:05 - 3:00
"Our work involves turning cherished garments into something new, weaving personal stories into each piece, from wedding day mementos to precious family heirlooms."

Battling Mass Production
3:00 - 4:00
"We're tired of the fast fashion cycle and its toll on both people and the planet. Our mission is to restore the sentimental value of clothing, combating overconsumption by focusing on garment conservation."

The Future of Fashion
4:00 - 5:29
"We believe in supporting small-scale producers and valuing the craftsmanship that goes into each piece. It's about making sustainable choices and fostering a connection that transcends the transactional nature of modern fashion.