Join Better Clothing Co. at the Renegade Craft Fair This November!

Join Better Clothing Co. at the Renegade Craft Fair This November!

Find Us Where Creativity Meets Craft: Renegade Los Angeles

It’s that time of year again! When the air gets crisp, the coffee gets spicier, and Better Clothing Co. gears up to bring our unique blend of cozy and chic to the Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles. On November 18th and 19th, from the time your caffeine kicks in at 10 am until the afternoon lull at 4 pm, find us basking in the glory of handmade heaven.

Renegade has been turning the City of Angels into a crafty paradise since 2010, with every event offering a treasure trove of discovery, inspiration, and yes, plenty of that glorious vitamin D. 🌞 Whether it's your first rendezvous at Renegade or you're a seasoned veteran, prepare for a dose of that handmade hustle.

Where Style and Substance Shake Hands

Set against the backdrop of the breezy Santa Monica Airport in spring and the sun-drenched Los Angeles State Historic Park in winter, Renegade isn't just a craft fair—it's a culture. And Better Clothing Co. fits right in like a cozy hat on a chilly day. Speaking of hats, we've got a brand spanking new one just for the occasion, alongside other soon-to-be-revealed goodies like hoodies with hand-stitched embroidery, room sprays that smell like success, and tote bags that carry your dreams (and, well, your shopping).

Exclusively for the Crafty Souls

We’re not just bringing our A-game; we’re bringing our A-plus-game. Expect exclusive product drops at Renegade that'll make you want to toss your old hoodies out like last year's resolutions. Think of our newest hat as your personal crown of coolness, because why should the sunshine have all the fun?

Rain or Shine, We Craft Fine

This outdoor extravaganza welcomes leashed pets (bark on, furry friends), is rain-proof (because crafts don't fear a little water), and is a prime spot for those sunset selfies (#nofilter needed).

The Better Promise: Shop Small, Feel Tall

Shop over 275 curated artists and makers, including yours truly, at Renegade Los Angeles. Supporting local and national artisans is not just good karma; it's a lifestyle. At Better Clothing Co., we're all about that—creating products with purpose, passion, and a pinch of playfulness.

Keep Up with the Craftiness

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Ready to mark your calendars, set your reminders, and plan your outfits? We'll see you there, craft connoisseurs. Let's make memories, one stitch (and spritz) at a time.

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