Better Together: Better Clothing Co. x An's Candles Unveil 'Balance'

Better Together: Better Clothing Co. x An's Candles Unveil 'Balance'

In the heart of Southern California's bustling streets and tranquil beaches, two artisan brands join forces. Better Clothing Co., known for its commitment to sustainable fashion, and An's Candles, a beacon of handcrafted scents, introduce a fragrance that embodies the essence of equilibrium—Balance.

A Union of Craftsmanship and Style

An's Candles, an Asian-owned gem operated with love by a dedicated couple, brings the spirit of SoCal's diverse culture to life. Found at local pop-ups, their candles are more than products; they're stories of passion, crafted to perfection. It's this shared dedication to quality and local charm that sparked our collaboration.

'Balance': The Scent of Harmony

Imagine a scent that dances between the freshness of bergamot and the earthy touch of vetiver, a room spray that captures the sweet harmony of amber with a whisper of musk. 'Balance' is our olfactory ode to the duality that defines us—crafted for those who embrace the full spectrum of life.

Spray, Breathe, Enjoy

We invite you to bring 'Balance' into your space. Experience this exclusive room spray by visiting Better Clothing Co. or An Candles Join us in celebrating the art of fragrance and fashion, sustainably and stylishly made in SoCal.

Coming Soon!

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